Summer CampA Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

An experience we've been perfecting since 1931, this program isn't just the most fun your boys will have all summer, it's an invaluable opportunity for learning, growth, and personal development. Our enthusiastic and knowledgable staff are the ideal guides through a week of campfires, merit badges, songs, and let's not forget that down home Ho Non Wah cuisine. For new scouts at camp for the first time, we have a phenomenal Woodsman program designed to cover many of the requirements for ranks up to First-class, in a low-pressure environment with an emphasis on friendship and team-building.

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Bohicket Towne

Bohicket Towne is a NEW program for the 2016 Camp Ho Non Wah season. This program is designed to be a Colonial Adventure nestled under the Spanish moss draped oak trees in the shadow of the White House along the shores of the Bohicket River at Camp Ho Non Wah.

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Dates & Deadlines

  • March 15: Initial payment of $35/Scout & completed Unit Roster in myCamp Manager due
  • May 31: Late fee applicable for dropped Scouts

  • Summer Camp Week 1: June 11 - 17
  • Summer Camp Week 2: June 14 - 25
  • Summer Camp Week 3: June 25 - July 1
  • Summer Camp Week 4: July 9 - 15

Fees for Camp

  • Early Bird Camper Fee (before 05/15): $270
  • Standard Camper Fee (on/after 05/15): $285

  • Adult Leader Fee: $120

Programs Offered

American Cultures W
American Heritage W
American Labor W
Archeology W
Archery S
Astronomy W S
Athletics S
Auto Mechanics S
Aviation W
Basketry S
Bird Study S
Camping S
Caoneing S
Chemistry W
Citizenship in Community W S
Citizenship in Nation W S
Citizenship in World W S
Collections W
Communications W S
Composite Materials W
Computers W
Cooking S
Crime Prevention W
Cycling W
Dentistry W
Disabilities Awareness W
Drafting W
Electricity W
Electronics W
Emergency Prepardness W S
Energy W
Enterpreneurship W
Environmental Science S
Farm Mechanics S
Fingerprinting W S
Fire Safety W
First Aid S
Fish & Wildlife Management S
Fishing S
Fly Fishing W
Forestry S
Genealogy W
Geocaching W
Geology S
Graphic Arts W
Indian Lore S
Insect Study S
Journalism W
Landscape Architecture W
Law W
Leatherwork S
Lifesaving S
Mammal Study S
Medicine W
Metalworking S
Model Design and Building W
Motorboating S
Nature S
Nuclear Science W
Oceanography S
Orienteering S
Personal Fitness S
Photography W
Pioneering S
Plumbing W
Public Health W
Public Speaking W
Pulp and Paper W
Radio S
Railroading W
Reading W
Reptile & Amphibian Study S
Rifle Shooting S
Rowing S
Safety W
Salesmanship W
Scholarship W
Scouting Heritage W
Search & Rescue S
Shotgun Shooting S
Small Boat Sailing S
Soil & Water Conservation W S
Space Exploration W
Stamp Collecting W
Surveying W
Swimming S
Textile W
Traffic Safety W
Truck Transportation W
Veterinary Medicine W
Water Sports S
Weather S
Wilderness Survival S
Wood Carving S
  W: Winter Camp
S: Summer Camp